A downloadable game for Windows

Orbis is a third-person shooter where you use bouncing magic projectiles to defeat enemies. Play stealthily and use ricochets to hit your enemies before they see you... or fight them head-on if you're looking for a challenge! 

Explore the castle, collect keys to unlock new areas, then open the portal and visit the coliseum!


Orbis 707 MB


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are u using free assets just wondering and i might try this

Yes, I found most of them on the Unreal Marketplace. I'm more of a designer/programmer so I try to find assets when I can!

but u coded everything

Yep! I did all the programming and design myself!


i love it trufull good job



Hi dev, i made some screenshots :P and a video :D, nice job.  P.S Feel free to add my screenshots to the preview images if you want.

Thanks for playing! :)


i think like charter :D good projet

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! :)


hope in version full story .. i think is good