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Boxman has been so preoccupied with his dreams of adventuring, he forgot to buy a birthday cake for Patricia! In an effort to resolve this tragedy and restore order to the world, Boxman must embark on an epic quest. Join him as he battles terrifying foes using his trusty balloon sword!

Oh, and watch out for potatoes, I hear they can get a little rowdy this time of year...

The Adventures of Boxman features a turn-based combat system and three distinct areas to explore as you progress through your adventure.

Install instructions

Simply extract the files and run Boxman.exe to play!

Note: If you have issues with the mouse cursor moving outside the game window, please try playing in windowed mode!


The Adventures of Boxman 285 MB

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very cute game i just wish you turned off the motion blur it makes the game so trippy and lagy


Thanks for playing!


Loved it, would love a 40 hour version. 

Thanks for playing! I always love seeing let’s plays of my games! :)


This game renewed my faith in cake. Would play again.


Ima try this